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Mariana Bronzman,

Founder of

Hi Girls,

LAB52 is a channel I use to collect and present all those things I love and find beautiful. I didn't create LAB52 to tell anyone what’s wrong and what's right, what’s in or out, and what’s new or what's old. I simply wanted to create a space where I can share with other fashion and beauty lovers what I think is nice and say "hey.... why don't you check this out..."


My name Is Mariana Bronzman and my passion is fashion.  I've done the fashion management education, cut my teeth garment making and sewing and have worked for iconic fashion brands including Burberry and Zara - but in my heart and at my core, I am just another girl who loves to play dress up. 


I have always been in love with fashion and art, and have always found them to be an inspiration.


I know that today in the fashion world we are overwhelmed with sites and pages of all sorts. Like it or hate it, it is a fact. My motto is, stop for a minute and enjoy the things that are right in front of you at the moment…


The first brand I introduce to you in LAB52 is SG Liquid Metal. The brand has been around for almost 30 years. SG Liquid Metal is a classic and timeless jewelry line. I myself bought my first piece about 15 years ago and still get compliments on it to this day. The line is sexy, ageless, and has been seen on many celebrities and featured in magazines... you should check it out... hope you like it. 


Cheers for now,


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